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Who We Are

Blue Jean Baby is a fresh new take on antique jewellery that celebrates the bright and the beautiful, the things and experiences in life that ignite energy and emotion. 

Intrigued by the often unknown stories of antiques, we're charmed by patina and character, subtlety and radiance alike.  On the flip side, we love the vitality music brings to life, the elation of hearing a favourite song, the instantaneous emotion, mood, and energy.  In creating the narrative for Blue Jean Baby, we've merged these two inspirations - the history, craftsmanship, and nuance of antique jewellery and the power and passion of music - to offer beautiful, one-of-a-kind antique and vintage jewellery to invest in while capturing a sense of lightness, joy, and fun in doing our work.

Blue Jean Baby was created by Mandy Cuss, an American expat and an award-winning interior designer based in southeast England.  It was through her experiences sourcing one-of-a-kind artwork and antique furnishings for her design projects throughout Europe that Mandy became enchanted with antique jewellery.  Many of the characteristics she looks for in decorative items for her design clientele - quality, craftsmanship, rarity, sustainability - translate to jewellery, too.  She designed Blue Jean Baby to share the magic of these jewels with others who appreciate the out of the ordinary.

Our name, Blue Jean Baby, pays homage to the life-enriching relationship Mandy shared with her late maternal grandmother, to whom Mandy attributes her appreciation for the simple joys and beauty in every day life.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us and that you come back time and again to find that something extra special to treasure.